From the recording Free World Citizen


Naked To The World
The sun shines chrome
Off tinted sun glasses
The heat ripples air
Toward the skylight flashes

Stained sidewalk warps, buckles
Under the pressure dome
Shoe steps, sticks too
Peels loose the flesh of some

Street lamp sheds light
Pavement still hides in dark
Empty thoughts take time
Streaks of lightning arc

Red eyed and wonderful
Truth in the youthful
Blue eyed and hopeful
Naked to the world
Angry yet blissful
Turned on and plentiful
Splendid and content
Naked to the world

Hustled by fireflies
Blinking in disguise
Sucking in their last breath
Run for your lives

Endless highway
Packed side by side
Tore up every blade of grass
Ripped holes in the sky

In days gone by
This will seem so random
And a life worth living
Will be all that you desire