1. Life

From the recording Life


lyrics by Charley Orlando & Steve Drizos
Special Thanks to Jenny Conlee on Keys!

I'll give it up to you
All that I have
No more No less No few
All that I have

Dressed in vails of blue
Style becomes you
Strip through shades of truth
It enlightens you
Ah Ah Ah Ah

And this time shall it last
All that we are
Profoundly mortally cast
All that we are

In a tiny space of heart
Patience lies
To give you one chance
At a reprise
Ah ah ah ah

Maybe you could catch a break
From the day to day charade
Finally release the emotion that spins
This low level questioning
Gets ya right back again
To life

Gets you back to light
ah ah
Gets you back to life
ah ah
Back to life
(The love that you feel The pain that is real)
Back to light
(There's no way around the beautiful sound)
Back to Light
(Yeah, that's Life!)