1. Ascent

From the recording Note To Self

we are tired of being tired
we hold these truths against all liars
part of a machine that w/o our fire

we are love before hate
destiny over fate
we are change in place
with a common folk face
we are simple and we are relevant
voice of ascent … we are

we are peaceful revolution
we are humanities evolution
the future of a people lost
in the effect of a loophole

we are conversation over decimation
moderation over tribulation
we are all here for each other
all sisters and brothers
we are the downfall of decadence
voice of ascent … we are

we are day to living
we are mother’s and we are children
sons and daughters led into the deepest of waters

we are go for it don’t ever quit
always in the the upswing
we are trespassers in our own world
where the lines have gotten blurred
we are all too consument
voice of ascent … we are … we are … we are

so let’s break from the pack
use our brilliance to attack
become more than we are
then everyones a star
in our own way and right
and this is how we’ll fight
by the example we lead
by the knowledge that we feed
from the cradle to the grave
let our memories not fade
in the glits and the glamour
we all start to clamour
and at our whits end we choose not to pretend
and be our own dissidants
these truths we hold self evident
voice of ascent … we are …………………….